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Welcome to the official website of Phi Gamma Nu – Delta Psi. Our chapter was founded in 2014 when three students decided to bring together a group of people that celebrated our pillars: professionalism, philanthropy, and brotherhood. Together the founders established a community of friends who gave back, helped others, and ultimately became a strong support system for each and every member.. They built a place where everyone was heard and each opinion was valued. For members, this organization has become a family where everyone respects and values one another. Each and every member has the chance to leave their own unique impact on the organization. This is the vision that the Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu, a nationally recognized professional fraternity, was built upon.


Today, PGN boasts more than 150 unique members, all pursuing different things and on different journeys but bound by their passion and commitment to their goals and to the organization. PGN is proud to serve as a dedicated resource for the growth of each and every member by encouraging them to be the best they can be and giving them a network to accomplish each and every one of their goals. We are on a constant journey to better ourselves and the organization; accomplished through events dedicated to both personal and professional development. 


We are always welcoming new memberships and partnerships. Whether you are a current IU student, faculty member, local organization or corporate representative, we are excited to build a relationship with you. We look forward to hearing from you and working together.


Neliya Nyirenda

Spring 2021 President

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